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In the second short story, we can see a great decriminalization against women. In addition to the possibility of death, many women tend to suffer permanent disabilities or injuries resulting from battery Moris, p.

Domestic violence against women is a serious problem that threatens the Womens suffering essay and emotional wellbeing of women, and that negatively affects the quality of their life.

The beating of women is a very old story that has been practiced for many centuries. Studies in the workplace in the United States show that battered women are less capable of accomplishing their tasks on time and at the same quality level when compared to other women.

There were also women who thought that women in politics would be the end of family life. Why does man respect the red lights? Disadvantages and challenges for women Women in Australian society face many disadvantages and challegenges, such as gender inequality, sex discrimination, domestic violence and sexual assault.

Men will be discouraged from using violence against their wives and at the same time, women will reject such a degrading treatment Brogan, p. This is the real world of domestic violence where wives are beaten up by their husbands with or without a reason.

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There emotions and soft personality can sometimes be a strong hold of a company, and a relationship. These men continue to beat their wives up because they do not get punished for it.

Men beat their wives Womens suffering essay for many different reasons. In such cases, women are actually being used as an outlet for the frustration, tension and stress that the husband is suffering.

Many women are still victims of battery all over the world. Work cited Mama, Amina. A woman who does not have sufficient education, who does not have an independent source of income, and who cannot survive on her own will find it difficult or even impossible to leave her husband, especially if she is very dependent on him.

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I think all judges should study the cases and crimes in a sexless way, to avoid injustice and discrimination and achieve fairness. He is upset because his boss gave him a warning. The women at the convention made up a list of complaints to show that for years men have been dominant over women.

He is also upset because some stranger had parked in his space in front of the building. They realized that women should not also nod to every one who tells them to do this or to do that.

This submission reinforces the violence of the husband and makes him repeat the violence more easily in the future, thus turning the life of the wife into a living hell Moris, p. These women fear that a divorce could shatter the lives of their children.

Even if the suffrage of the women was spread in America for about 72 years, they were able to gain respect from others by their pursuit of their rights to vote. Still, some men beat their wives because they are violent people.

This is what he learned when society taught him that men have more rights and privileges than women. C-Funding and encouraging specialized organizations Imagine this incident.

And why does he respect the property of other people? This resulted to wider views in politics and education. In these male-dominated societies, both children and women are beaten and treated in the same way because they are not seen as mature human beings.

In most religions, women are expected to obey their husbands. There are both legal and non-legal responses to the issue of women being disadvantaged in society.

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In both stories we are introduced to marriage relationships in which these two wives are victims of sexism in their marriage; for example the husband in Life story was a dictatorial man in his behavior.

It aims at reminding the victim that she is weak and unworthy.

In fact, many women eventually become convinced that they deserve the beating and humiliation to which they are subjected by their husbands Lowell, p. The reactions of women to battery tend to vary according to the situation of the family. These crimes take place as part of domestic violence towards women.

This was the start of a long, complicated battle. For me, I think the judgment was based on sexism which made it unfair judgment. When men become aware that battery is a violation of the law and of the human rights of women, and when women become aware of the realities of battery, individuals develop negative perceptions and reactions towards battery.

It is the obligation of authorities and communities to establish and develop the necessary resources and institutions that support and protect the rights and human conditions of these women victims.The focus of this study will be the lived experience of women suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and their ability to maintain a quality of life through various coping strategies.

Therefore, literature surrounding the quality of life and coping mechanisms in MS sufferers will be critically appraised. Women's Suffrage Essay. The fight for women's suffrage, or voting, went on for about seventy years. The fight first officially started in with the first women's rights convention in Seneca Falls, New York.

This was the start of a long, complicated battle. I’ll bring evidences from the texts I have to support my argument that these two sentences are a sign of discrimination against women in other words it means sexism.

Women for along period of time suffer from being ignored, inferior, misunderstanding, sexism. View Essay - Womens writers Essay #1 from LITR at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Tragedy, suffering and hardships inflict individuals every moment of every day. Unfortunately, it is a very. The Suffering of the Women in Wuthering Heights It appears that Catherine's expectations are unrealistic especially when placed in the historical context.

The novel is written during the Victorian era where the role of women in relation to marriage was that they were to be obedient, disciplined and faithful to their husband.

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Strong Essays words ( pages) Essay on Love, Hate and Cruelty in Wuthering Heights - Love, Hate and Cruelty in Wuthering Heights Wuthering Heights written by Emily Bronte, was a novel filled with many emotions and activity.

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