Why diesels make sense

On the other end of the scale is Toyko which I believe bans diesel vehicle in any form and is truly a delight to walk around in, respiration-wise. City governments are loath to forbid diesel cars to enter city centers on particularly polluted days because of two decades of pro-diesel policies.

Sjalabais As a kid, New York movies were an entire genre to me. What is this sorcery? If we were honest with ourselves, aka we stopped holding the first and therefore overly important caucus in Iowa, ethanol would be history. So hydrogen and electric charging have a steeper barrier to entry. Instead, cities like Bergen mandate driving prohibitions based on wether your registration ends on an even or uneven number.

We can dispense diesel, so a biodiesel, say sunflower oil derived, or any of the myriad other dieseling fuels can be stored, dispensed with proper regulation and units that the consumer already understands and ultimately it behaves in ways that the consumer already expects.

The fact is we have an infrastructure in place to handle liquid fuel systems, not vapors and not electricity. All commercial vehicles in Europe run on diesel. Did you wonder why they are being banned from European inner cities?? Home heating oil tends to be popular at this time of year for some reason.

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Totally irrelevant to the post at hand but it really caught my eye on Aussie ebay. Maybe not in Europe, bur the export business to less regulated environments in Russia and the Middle East is alive and well. But the switchover would be much easier to temper for Joe Six-pack. Both have a majority of diesel vehicles and both are much worse than NYC or Chicago, which have a lot more gasoline vehicles.

Diesel was taxed a little less than gas commercial drivers even get to fuel almost tax-free, differently coloured diesel in Norway.

Sjalabais As much as I hate to admit it, the diesel story in Europe illustrates why liberals in the European sense distrust the government picking champions.

It blew my mind how such a dense city could be serviced by lots and lots of grossly overpowered V8 cabs. Enter inversion and small particle pollution.

Back then and even now there were a few specialist coachbuilders around the country who specialized in these.

Why diesel cars still make sense

Thus, half of all cars in most of central and northern Europe — except Sweden — ended up as diesel engined. There are millions of used diesel cars on the road.The CRISIL Research study says purchasing a diesel car today makes economic sense only if justified by usage. For commercial users, diesel cars still make economic sense in this regard.

Higher mileage Diesel variants give better mileage; the difference is even more for bigger cars. Says Kunal Khattar, co-founder and vice-president, Carnation. Aug 12,  · However, we do have Vincentric's list of the top 10 pickups that almost make monetary sense as diesels when compared to their gas counterparts.

We should note that there several averages built into a study like this and if diesel fuel prices drop, gasoline prices rise or diesel engine prices come down, the list could be dramatically. Jan 12,  · In most countries south of the border, diesel makes perfect sense. Unlike in America where people up high noticed that diesel was a necessity you couldn’t get rid of and increased taxes accordingly, diesel is actually quite approachable here.

Gas vs. Diesel: Which Makes Most Sense?

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist • July 23, • 4 Comment • Eric Peters, Fuel It used to be true that diesel engines were simpler, cheaper to maintain and much more fuel. Why Diesels Make Sense The constantly wavering gas prices and a steady rise of living expenses make counting pennies even more worthwhile these days.

More cars are getting upwards of thirty mpg to help save money and it only makes sense to weigh all the options when buying one. Why light duty diesels make sense in the North American market. • Diesel powered vehicles deliver the kind of performance and durability consumers want and pay a premium to acquire.

Why diesels make sense
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