Support for the midwifery profession pros and cons

The Pros and Cons of a Midwife Birth

Midwifery should be re-instated as a legal and honourable profession. This is my third and I have happily opted for a midwife. As well, giving birth at home offers parents and opportunity that hospitals cannot give.

CMs are not registered nurses, but may hold other professional designations as health care providers such as a physician assistant or physical therapist.

So far everything is healthy and normal and we are planning to deliver in a hospital with the midwife. About the Midwifery Profession Certified nurse-midwives CNMs The practice of nurse-midwifery was established in the United States in the s by such early leaders as Mary Breckinridge and Hattie Hemschemeyer; since then nurse-midwives have been recognized for their contributions to reducing infant and maternal mortality, premature births, and low birth weight rates.

Disadvantages of a Career in Midwifery

Some doctors will argue the comparison of the rates ignores the reality that hospitals deal with most of the high-risk births. Midwives tend to be more judicious in the use of medical interventions for example, continuous fetal monitoring during labor.

Advantages of a Midwife-Attended Birth During prenatal visits, a midwife is usually able to spend more time with the pregnant woman than a doctor. We are lucky that insurance covers this practice too, and our hospital has a volunteer doula program, so that person will be free.

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They are also very empowering and educate us thoroughly at every appointment. They absolutely guarantee that one of them will deliver you and each week when you get closer to your due date they let you know who will be on call.

About this resource This coursework was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. Several generations of women gave up childbirth at home to the medical profession. Disadvantages of a Midwife-Attended Birth Midwives carry only basic tools and cannot offer ultrasound or anesthesia, for example.

Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question. Many midwives work in a hospital setting and there is always an MD that is their back-up.

It is not difficult to concede that there are times when sound medical intervention is a necessity and a blessing. Pros And Cons Midwifery Profession: Some pregnancies are difficult and some births are problematic.

Birth can be dangerous but it can also be totally okay. Obstetricians are best qualified to manage multiple births twins, tripletsbreech presentation, women with prior Cesarean sections, women with prior still births or other pregnancy-related complications, and women with other comorbid medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

You can share your professional health care abilities by teaching at a university in schools of nursing, public health, medicine, and allied health. Most OBs like to come in the room when baby is crowning.

This is a consideration that midwives take seriously and is reflected in the quality of care and support that they offer throughout the entire experience. They have a Dr who works with them as a consultant he has his own practice near them.

These realities make it questionable whether or not to use these procedures are used in only high-risk situations as originally intended.

Physicians also collect extra fees for inducing labour and for giving spinal blocks. Cesarean sections are performed in Midwives are not qualified to perform Cesarean sections, should one become necessary emergently during labor.

They are trained to conduct annual gynecological checkups, order lab investigations, and prescribe medications including birth control. And so, parents should make themselves aware of the facts and statistics pertinent to the allegations made by the medical profession that home births are unsafe.

The midwife sample fared far better with significantly less fetal distress, birth injuries, and infants needing resuscitation.Home > Community > Birth Month > November Babies > Midwife- pros and cons.

November Babies. K posts K members. stories and coached me throughout my natural labor making sure that me and husband knew that they were there for our support.

I loved the experience. I don't have any cons really about having a mid wife. A midwife is a specialist in helping women give birth. Midwives help women give birth at home, in a clinic or in a hospital.

To work in midwifery, you typically need graduate nursing education, and you also need a tolerance for some of the drawbacks of the profession. Sep 29,  · pros: treated me like a knowledgeable and informed partner in care not a child, more personalized attention, longer/more in depth appointments, less waiting for appointments, focus on nutrition/exercise/etc, less interventions, support for natural birth, involved dads in pregnancy/birth.

Pros & Cons It can be difficult to say what the benefits of any profession are since everyone is different. What one person sees as a disadvantage may be a highlight for someone else.

The Certified Professional Midwife is known as a the pros and cons of the midwifery profession midwife. Birth, racism com essay helpme so.

· Pros and Cons of Purchasing a New Pros and Cons of Using a Midwife. Support for the Midwifery Profession: Pros and Cons The tradition of midwifery virtually disappeared in Canada during the early part of this century.

Several generations of women gave up childbirth at home to the medical profession.

Support for the midwifery profession pros and cons
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