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The download button will appear once a thesis is no longer embargoed. Font size should be no less than 10 pt. Subheadings should begin on a new line. Thus, in addition to comparing the text of an uploaded document to digital text on the open internet, iThenticate also compares uploaded text against text in the published scholarly literature that is otherwise behind publisher firewalls and paywalls on the internet.

CMOS recommends blocking two or more lines of poetry. For those entries not full-text, page previews are available. Note numbers should be placed at the end of the clause or sentence to which they refer and should be placed after all punctuation, except for the dash.

This only works for ED numbers; EJ numbers are journal articles and are not on microfiche. Otherwise, take a minimalist approach to capitalization. The full-text content is available to all, although some theses may have embargoes.

A blocked quotation does not get enclosed in quotation marks. However, since not all of the earlier ones have been released in digital format, they are available in microfiche. If you forget your iThenticate password or have other problems accessing your user account, contact Ashlee Messersmith amiley purdue.

Purdue dissertations online this video if you want to learn about the types of resources ERIC will and will not index, the source selection process, and how to recommend a new resource. These resources follow the seventeenth edition Purdue dissertations online The Chicago Manual of Style, which was issued in How do I interpret the iThenticate Similarity Report?

Education: Article Databases (MAJOR)

Twice a year, in the spring and fall, ERIC reviews journals and producers of conference papers, reports, and books as potential candidates for inclusion in ERIC, using a revised selection policy as a guide when evaluating recommended content. Text in an uploaded document that Purdue dissertations online identical or nearly identical to text in the previously published literature does not always represent plagiarism.

In parenthetical citation, separate documentation from brief commentary with a semicolon. In some cases these have been marked confidential or have restrictions in place for a limited period of time.

Enter your user ID and password in the boxes in the center of this screen and click the green Login link in the center of the screen. If an embargo exists the date will be listed instead of the download button. These assemblages which entail the securitization of identity are not unified, but dispersed, not hierarchical but rhizomatic, not totalized but connected in a web or relays and relations.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions of fair use. Major Paper Sections Title Page According to Turabian style, class papers will either include a title page or include the title on the first page of the text. How can I find dissertations that were written at Purdue?

It offers a comprehensive listing of bibliographic entries for theses and dissertations in the Dissertation Abstracts database. Levels of subheads can be differentiated by type style, use of boldface or italics, and placement on the page, usually either centered or flush left.

Place commentary after source documentation when a footnote contains both; separate commentary and documentation by a period. Maintain consistency and parallel structure in headings and subheads.

Book and periodical titles titles of larger works should be italicized.

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Links to log in to the proxy server directly below the download button of each thesis or dissertation page. That is, if an article is originally written in French and the author of an uploaded document has translated the original French text into English without giving a proper citation, iThenticate will not currently identify this as unoriginal content.

What is the new Graduate School requirement? The next screen to open will be the login screen. Because it was created for publishers to monitor copyright infringement, unlike TurnItIn, documents uploaded to iThenticate are not added to a database for future searches.

Subheadings should be used for longer papers. List entries in letter-by-letter alphabetical order according to the first word in each entry. Titles of plays should be italicized.

The title should be centered a third of the way down the page. Plagiarism does not include disputes about authorship or credit. The first time you login to iThenticate using your temporary password, you will be asked to establish a permanent password.

Subheadings can be distinguished by font-size. What should I do if I forget my iThenticate password or have a problem accessing my account?options, please ask him/her to contact the Thesis & Dissertation Office. At least one iThenticate review is required for all theses/dissertations deposited at Purdue.

If you are Purdue student, you can download copies of most Purdue dissertations completed after ; earlier Purdue dissertations will either be online or in print in the Library. Many newer CIC school dissertations are available for download as well. Avoiding Plagiarism Avoiding Plagiarism.

Guidance to help authors avoid plagiarism is available from Purdue’s Online Writing Lab, Purdue’s Research Compliance office, Purdue’s Graduate School requires that all theses and dissertations be reviewed using iThenticate.


As such, all Purdue faculty have access to a free iThenticate. The Purdue Libraries also archives these dissertations at Purdue e-pubs (see link below). You can search e-pubs by year and author's name. Dissertations and Theses. Proquest's database of dissertations and theses from US institutions.

Purdue e-Pubs -- Dissertations. The Purdue University Online Writing Lab serves writers from around the world and the Purdue University Writing Lab helps writers on Purdue's campus.

Theses and Dissertations Available from ProQuest. Full text is available to Purdue University faculty, staff, and students on campus through this site.

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Purdue dissertations online
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