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This arguable success for the UN can be directly attributed once again to the end of superpower influence and funding.

A large part of the criticism directed at the UN was its inability to act earlier. The ultimate success of the UN is ultimately down to the ability of its individual members to work together and collaborate as a peacekeeping mitigating force.

As genocide broke out a change in mandate was needed to authorise the use of force under Chapter Seven of the UN Charter to deal with the new crisis situation. This mitigation was to have a focus on human rights as part of the process; this would become a precursor of many more UN peacekeeping missions where human rights had often been abused.

About this resource This International Relations and Politics essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. Thus the UN did succeed in its defining mandate even though it may not have been the sole actor in this process.

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Possibly the greatest criticism of the UN under this mandate is that of its intervention into Rwanda. To critically asses the role of the United Nations UN in mitigating conflict in the post Cold war era legitimately, we must judge it based on this underlying yet overwhelming principle that sets out the main purpose of this international organisation, to prevent war and conflict.

Stricken by famine and civil war with an apparent state of anarchy, the initial UN deployment was initially largely for humanitarian needs through the observation of much needed aid handouts. Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised International Relations and Politics work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours.

The UN managed to mitigate an agreement between the Salvadorian army fighting on behalf of the right wing government and the left wing resistance movement. During the years following the end of the Cold War and the subsequent disintegration of the communist bloc, the UN had some success in its now more achievable role as pragmatic peacekeeper.

Another example of where the UN can be seen as failing to mitigate conflict is in the Case of Somalia. During the Rwandan conflict the UN was already committed to sending troops to Bosnia and Somalia leaving the force stretched and unable to act quickly as the case in Rwanda merited.

However as we have seen the UN has been unable to mitigate conflicts in much of the world and in many more worrying cases has also been seemingly unable to protect innocent civilians from being subject to violence, in cases such as Bosnia and Rwanda the UN can be seen as wasting opportunities to protect civilians from genocide.

This end of superpower sponsorship was critical in the renewed desire for peace. Essay UK - http: The UN can however be seen as mitigating conflict and overseeing the process in a successful way when conditions for peace were established.

However with the end of the Cold War and the optimism that surrounded this, the UN could now in theory start to fulfil its aim to be the mitigating party.

The examples of Somalia and Rwanda however are not alone at displaying UN failings in mitigating conflict in the post Cold War; these examples merely highlight and set the trend for many other failed peacekeeping missions. UN troops withdrew from Somalia having failed to mitigate conflict over a two year period.

It is questionable whether or not peace would have been as successful had the underlying desire for peace not been present from both parties. The case in Rwanda can therefore be judged as a great failure for the newly reinvigorated post Cold War UN.

Here the failure of the UN can be linked with a general critique of the organization that it has no standing army but has to rely on member states allocations. Despite these examples of seeming success for the UN carrying out successful peacekeeping and building missions in the examples above, the UN has often been subject to great criticism for its failures and missing opportunities to mitigate conflict.

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The Post Cold War United Nations has had huge expectations to fill, not least set down by its own Charter and its subsequent rebirth in the light of the end of the Cold War. This was not helped by the reluctance of the USA to supply a greater mandate for its own task force. After two years of potential peace elections were carried out and proclaimed to be fair by the UN.

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The Leftist economic policies were failing to have an impact in increasing the living standards of the poor, who were growing restless at the inefficient government.The Post-Cold War era (present) presents greater danger to the national security of the United States than did the era of the Cold War.

The Cold War nuclear threat was obviously a high-level threat, but by the s (after the Cuban missile crisis) the United States and the Soviet Union constructed a relationship which remained hostile but realistic and in which the purposeful use of nuclear weapons.

Free cold war papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search returned Ronald Reagan and the End of the Cold War - The cold war was a post-World War II struggle between the United States and its allies and the group of nations led by the Soviet Union.

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The end of the Cold War has caused one of the most abrupt and dramatic shifts in military policy in human history. Still, does the post post-Cold War era mean the end of United State’s power – its rule of unilateral world has ended?

Perhaps, as pointed out by, the most important change will be the limits on American Power – as it was not able to help allies like Georgia. 6. Keddie, Nikki R. (): "The end of the Cold War and the Middle East". In Hogan (ed.) The End of the Cold War. Its meaning and implications ().

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Words | 9 Pages. New era is named as the Post-Cold War. With the Post Cold War era, everything changed like threats, perception of international relations and national security systems. Terrorism, cyber-vandalism, regional conflicts which are in.

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