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There as a Significant decrease in the blood pressure of both groups. I apologize also it is long in comparison to some post I have seen. From this genuine and human relationship to a canine, the student can read to the best of their ability without stress, fear or embarrassment.

Research shows tat married people are less Pet therapy essay to stress related ailments Netting, F. While it appears apparent that pet owners have equal chances of remaining health despite their economic status and their unhealthy lifestyles. It is essential for survival to accept new and developing treatments to keep up with the ever growing list of illnesses, diseases, and disorders that are brought to light each and every day.

Baker of the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical College, found that psychiatric patients who participated in a session of animal therapy in place of therapy group had a greater decrease in anxiety and stress levels. Thanks for your time! Furthermore, pets seem to have a large ability to initiate and respond adequately to attachments.

A newer form of therapy called canine candy striping started at UCLA inhas also become a popular method. Pets therefore provide alternative companions to further this end. Karen Allen of the State University of New York of Buffalo conducted a study that replaced increasing medication and using animal assisted therapy as forms of treatment to regulate heart rate and blood pressure levels of individuals currently taking medication to decrease high levels.

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For cardiac patients animal assisted therapy can help patients maintain heart rate levels without increasing medications. It is believed that pets would form non-threatening reassurance, tactile comfort and non-verbal comfort, which help in breaking the cycle of loneliness social withdrawal and hopelessness witnessed in hospitals.

The fifth had an equal number of television owners and non-owners. By Rhonda Durham Many experiences have led me to this point in my life where I now have the opportunity to become involved with animal assisted activities.

Companionship promoted health through buffering of any imminent stressful events in life. In another study on the relaxation effect of pets, Katcher explored the effect of animals that could not allow to be touched on the blood pressure.

In another research involving 15 hypertensive persons and twenty normotensives who were asked to watch a blank wall for an estimated 20 minute and their baseline pressures monitored Servodidio C, p Besides, it has been generally appreciated that those who have pets within their vicinity have high chances of having better health than those that are far from pets.

It is kind of urgent however I cannot figure out how label this thread that. These animals provide companionship in the broadest sense for all residents and patients.

Besides, the presence of either party during these stressful times tends to provide sufficient comfort for the parties. I for one believe in events happening for a reason, and many times we have no idea why they do so.

Man's Best Friend and Medicine; ESSAY ON ANIMAL THERAPY

Research has shown that people who owned pets had low levels of cholesterol than those who did not have the pets at all.Animal-Assisted Therapy Essay examples - In the field of therapy, there are numerous of therapy available out there for different type of individuals and situations as well.

There is one type of therapy that usually contains people and animal, it is animal-assisted therapy is a therapeutic approach that brings animals and individuals with. Place an order on custom essay, research paper on this or related subject.

Abstract. The likelihood of using pets as a therapy offers relieve to the medical fraternity. This therapy if developed to reliability levels offer such worth and stress free alternative (Kaminski, M., Pellino T., Wish, J, p). Dog Therapy Essay Words | 6 Pages. excellent companion for the sick, especially patients with chronic cases.

Pet therapy is a therapeutic aid that supports medical cures and enhances the relational and emotional status of the sufferer.

Free Essay: 1. Studies have shown that the children who grow up in homes with animals have a better ability to show empathy later and as adults.

Pets are. Pet therapy can be dated as far back as prehistory time when humans noticed that animals were not only used for food, but they were also friends and companions. Animal-facilitated therapy is one of the newer forms of medicine used throughout the nation.

Pet Therapy

The origin of animal-facilitated therapy. Animal Assisted Therapy Personal Essay By Rhonda Durham Many experiences have led me to this point in my life where I now have the opportunity to become involved with animal assisted activities.

Pet therapy essay
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