Perfect day off

Now let me introduce you to my skin secret: I do a little bit of Netflix watching and then fall asleep. BUT I also want some things that no one else has posted yet. I love to hear from you guys!

This was my perfect day off… Perfect day off you like it, you can try it yourself and if you have other ideas — tell me them!

Describe your perfect day off.

Sadly I have barely enough time to do so. But if you want a favorite booklist from me with recommendations, just tell me That day off I had a burger for lunch.

I want to post something that gives you inspiration and entertains you. If the streets are extremely uphill like here in Croatia, I might do only minutes of total cardio. I keep getting better from week to week. As I have the pleasure to be at the sea right now, I then would go to the beach, on a perfect day off, and read a book.

After my sport session I get home and have a looooong and good hot shower. You have to know, I had bad skin for ages till I stared with this kind of routine I have now. Lately my thoughts have been focused on mainly one thing: Then I move on to a peeling made of olive cores and oils.

Juli Hey fellas! When I wear makeup what happens like 10 times a year… if. I finish my face routine with my organic green tea 24H care which is a moisturizer and also smells great! It works soooo great and moisturizes your skin. Coming out the shower I get into my pajama and fall in bed.

So here it is: To get away with the calories I have eaten, I go running for about half an hour. What content could I post?

A perfect day off…

I start off with a native coconut oil also used for cooking to take off all of my makeup. Keep your roller blinds or curtains open and you will wake up when the sun wants to wake you up. Small tip in the side: Anyways I love to have yummy lunch or dinner on my days off! My thoughts about a perfect day off for me It starts with waking up without any alarm.

三浦大知 – Perfect Day Off 歌詞

Having finished all the rest from the bathroom I love going on my terrace or here on my Croatia holiday on the balcony and do a yoga session. I love sleeping till I wake up by myself. Just a side note: I have just started with yoga, so please do not judge me for my bad posing… Hahah.Feb 08,  · How to Enjoy a Day Off.

Finally, you get a day off of school or work, but now you've got to decide what to do. Would you like a relaxing day at home, an exciting day starting a new project, or even organizing a trip outside? Perfect your cat eye. Learn to throw a punch in case you ever need to defend yourself%().

気になってた Hotelの Dinner 勢いで南へ Flight 気が済むまで 何処まででも エスコートは任せて.

Perfect Day

it’s a Perfect Day Off. This was my perfect day off If you like it, you can try it yourself and if you have other ideas – tell me them! I love to hear from you guys!

Perfect Day (Lou Reed song)

Loads of love on a chilled Sunday. One perfect day off made all the difference.” If you can’t remember the last time you spent a full 24 hours liberated from the daily grind of work, errands and chores, you’re not alone. A day off is a gift and in today's hard-working world, a thing to be savored.

For some of us, that means a recuperating and revitalizing opportunity — a day without any goals beyond recharging batteries. For others, the idea of an "extra" day to accomplish a home-based goal, whether crafting.

A perfect day essaysThe definition of a "perfect day" could vary greatly among many different kinds of people, so for my own personal definition of a perfect day, I could not begin to define it with just a few words. A single word such as .

Perfect day off
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