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She discovers the book in the apartment of the alcoholic reporter, Burke Devlin, played by Rock Hudson. I felt the old pull of the earth, the solemn magic that comes of those fields at nightfall.

Her family settled on a farm near Red Cloud, Nebraska, which had been founded inand by the time Willa Cather arrived, it had a population of about 1, a school, and a small opera house. The task for Jim Burden in recounting the past is not to dwell in it, but to use it to celebrate the present, however reluctantly.

Their neighbors, the Harlings, have a housekeeper to help with meals and care of the children. The Road Is All 3.

Like him, they are haunted by the past and by the painful ambiguities of their relationships with the friends and relatives who remained on the land. Why read it NOW? If I have, I cannot recall any such name at the moment. I like to be like a man. Instead, each book contains thematic contrasts.

Jim makes plans to take her sons on a hunting trip next year. She was the first of seven children. When she was 12 years old, her family moved from their unsuccessful farm to Red Cloud, where her father set up a loan and mortgage business.

Its heroine, the ambitious and resourceful Thea Kronborg, pursues her career as a singer despite a disapproving family and men who underestimate her. Years afterward, when the open-grazing days were over, and the red grass had been ploughed under and under until it had almost disappeared from the prairie; when all the fields were under fence, and the roads no longer ran about like wild things, but followed the surveyed section-lines, Mr.

Burden and Catholic Mr. No doubt some of these writers have learned much from Cather about what it means, as a novelist, to have fidelity to a time and a place. Jim lives with his grandparents in the home they have built, helping as he can with chores to ease the burden on the others.

The well-guarded conformity of the many not only stifles the independent spirit, it can destroy it. He is buried without formal rites at the corner marker of their homestead, a place that is left alone when the territory is later marked out with section lines and roads.

Wisely, he and Cather let Antonia sum it up: Shimerda, who kills himself before the winter is finished.

My Ántonia

Jake Marpole Farm hand from Virginia at the Burden place. In that singular light every little tree and shock of wheat, every sunflower stalk and clump of snow on the mountain, drew itself up high and pointed; the very clods and furrows in the fields seemed to stand up sharply.

Burden in her kitchen when she visits, learning more about cooking and housekeeping.My Antonia () is the third book in Cather's Prairie Trilogy, which began with O Pioneers! (), and was followed by The Song of the Lark ().

Antonia is the eldest daughter of the Shimerdas and is a bold and carefree young woman who becomes the center of narrator Jim Burden's attention.

Book: My Ántonia Author: Willa Sibert Cather, – Artist: Wladyslaw Theodor (W. T.) Benda, – First published: The text and illustrations of the original book are in MY ANTONIA could know anything about. Willa Cather’s MY ANTONIA is about the hardy people who risked their lives and fortunes in a harsh new land; Cather had the great good fortune to have lived among the first generation of white.

From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes My Ántonia Study Guide has everything you. "My Antonia" is a very lovely novel authored by Willa Cather. It is about farm and town life in Nebraska near the end of the Nineteenth Century.

The story is told through a male narrator and Antonia is a central figure throughout/5(K). My Ántonia (Great Plains Trilogy #3), Willa Cather My Ántonia is a novel published in by American writer Willa Cather, considered one of her best works. It is the final book of her "Great Plains trilogy" of novels, preceded /5.

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