Master thesis molecular dynamics

To achieve this goal in a comprehensive manner, three-dimensional acquisitions are necessary. In addition, we use fluorescence lifetime imaging, a label-free, non-invasive imaging method to demonstrate changes in the glucose metabolic pathway in ER-positive breast cancer cells.

In this work we apply two-photon fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy FLIM of intrinsic fluorophores for label-free metabolic and oxidative stress imaging in a wide range of biological samples.

In this work we investigate the possibility of noninvasively predicting chemotherapy response prior to treatment based on optical biomarkers obtained from tumor spatial heterogeneities of spectral features measured using Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy.

The overall clinical goal is to evaluate the possibilities for STC detection method to become a future clinical practice. Interferometry and optical coherence tomography are amongst new proposed methods to measure tear film thickness that have remained in research phase due to their complex, bulky and expensive instrumentation.

These examples illustrate the potential of label-free nonlinear optical microscopy for unveiling complex physiological processes by direct visualization of lipids. We have developed Diffuse Optical Spectroscopic Imaging DOSI by increasing spectral information content for the purpose of increasing access to molecular targets and states.

We also focused on atherosclerosis, a disease that revolves around lipid-rich plaques in arterial walls. Taking advantage of the greater sensitivity to small changes of the phasor method, we are able to detect highly packed micro-domains in the cell membrane and to monitor changes in membrane packing due to acute and chronic cholesterol manipulation in live cells.

Both are based on the idea that as small particles move past a light source, the pattern of reflected light fluctuates.

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This can also help for evaluating the efficacy of treatment. In this thesis molecular dynamics MD This method is gaining Master thesis molecular dynamics in the biomedical field, but has been limited by difficulties associated with unconventional microscope construction using two objectives and sample preparation.

We obtained 3 different iPSC cell lines from fibroblasts of, non-demented, mild cognitive impaired and demented human subjects.

Optical imaging offers the opportunity to assess these indices non-invasively. Cholesterol was also detected in hepatitis C virus infected cells, and in specific strains of age-related macular degeneration diseased cells by spontaneous Raman spectroscopy.

In this thesis I discuss new possible scenarios where new FPGA chips are applied to spectral tissue imaging. Their fluorescence lifetimes are sensitive to alteration of normal physiology, making them attractive endogenous probes.

Based on the selective plane illumination principle but with a design similar to the Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence microscope,Dunsby demonstrated the Oblique Plane Microscope OPM using a single objective which uses conventional sample preparation protocols.

Considering the importance of collecting data in live sample increases the technical challenges required to solve these issues. This work presents a practical ver- sion of a microscopy method, Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy re-introduced by Huisken et al in Using the FPGA concept we proposed possible solutions to outstanding problems with the current technology.

The low yields of neuroprogenitors and neurons from human iPSC suggest a need for better control of the initial generation of the pluripotency of the iPSC.

Phd Thesis Molecular Dynamics

For some types of measurements it may be crucial to acquire every single photon quickly with temporal resolution, but in other cases it is important to acquire as many photons as possible, regardless of the time information about each of them.

Breast cancer spatial heterogeneity in near-infrared spectra and the prediction of neoadjuvant chemotherapy response. In this work, a new method to observe aggregation in live cells is introduced: The prediction of the efficacy of chemotherapy would potentially select good candidates who would respond while excluding poor candidates who would not benefit from treatment.

In this work we describe a system with the advantages of OPM and that can be used as an adaptor to commonly used microscopes, such as IX Olympus, simplifying the construction of the OPM and increasing performance of a conventional microscope. We differentiated these iPSCs first to neural stem cells NSC by neural induction, then into neurons on multi-electrode arrays to measure network electrical activity.

The extensive work done in maximizing the performance of the original FLIMBox led us to develop a new hardware solution with exciting and promising results and potential that were not possible in the previous hardware realization, where the signal harmonic content was limited by the FPGA technology.

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This dissertation presents two new techniques for measuring flow using spatial-temporal correlation of optical signals. In most cases, the mechanism of protein aggregation in solution has been studied in detail, while in cells the mechanism remains unknown, especially because of the difficulty to observe intermediates of aggregation oligomers directly in live cells.

It requires immense understanding and knowledge in the particular subject or topic which unfortunately only experienced and professional writer possesses. By Fourier transformation of Laurdan lifetime decay or emission spectrum into a phasor we obtain two phasor coordinates for each pixel of an image.

Click the figures for more informations. Consistent data with live animal model and human clinical study has been obtained.

Focal adhesions play an important role in connecting ECM to actin cytoskeleton. Patient-specific tumor spatial heterogeneities are visualized through a Heterogeneity Spectrum HS. Taking advantage of a wide array of available biophysical analysis techniques may provide additional useful information for estrogen receptors and in breast cancer research.comprehensive dissertation index annual supplement Phd Thesis Molecular Dynamics do my hw for me process analysis essay.

Molecular dynamics simulations of the equilibrium dynamics of non-ideal plasmas James Mithen Trinity College, University of Oxford A thesis. Master’s Thesis Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Silver-induced Crystallization in Silicon Nanocluster Junlei Zhao Supervisor: Doctor Flyura Djurabekova.

- Title: Self-assembly of sticky nanoparticles and patchy proteins: Molecular Dynamics simulations. The project is offered as a Master Thesis (Trabajo Final de Master) within the Master of Computational & Applied Physics, or within the Master of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, or within the Master of Biophysics.

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Master thesis molecular dynamics
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