Full service car wash business plan

According to government officials, the traffic count passing in front of our site is 55, cars a day. The industry is open to both small entrepreneurs neighborhood car wash and big time investors Mr. MARKETING Marketing Philosophy Our marketing philosophy is to present our company as an independent, service oriented small business, which is genuinely concerned with providing high-quality service at a reasonable price.

Our goal is to develop management from within the company, thereby insuring that positive management policies and practices are continued. This will enable us to provide our customers with the best possible service at the best possible price.

We intend giving our customers every reason to always come back, which is why full service car wash business plan have customized our services. Self-service car wash customers use approximately 50 gallons per wash, resulting in a 75 percent water savings in comparison to residential automobile washing.

Our frustration lead us to investigate the possibility of building a car wash facility. Without a shadow of doubt, writing a business plan for your business is one of the best steps you would be glad you took. We are open to the use of latest technology in the industry. It is not uncommon for a car wash to generate enough sales volume from November through February to underwrite its expenses and debt load throughout the remainder of the year.

Unfortunately, what we discovered was that, in most cases, the service provided did not warrant the higher price charged to the customer. Financial Statement Highlights The financial figures presented in our pro forma statements are extremely encouraging in that a monthly positive cash flow is predicted.

Buying Habits of Customers In talking with hundreds of people in our target area over the past eighteen months, we have determined there is an enormous need for a car wash facility in this area. We are quite aware that in order to become the number one choice in our city, we must continue to deliver quality services and that is exactly what we will do.

Unforeseen Economic, Political, Social, and Technological Developments Two critical environmental issues which concern everyone are the cleanliness and conservation of our finite water resources. Maintain a modest, steadily growing net profit margin. We coupled the information received from ICA with regionally specific data provided by regional car wash operators and government agencies.

However, according to most business analysts, a good target ratio for most upstart businesses is 2 to 1.

A Sample Automatic Car Wash Business Plan Template

Tentative arrangements have been made to lease the property as a detailing shop when The Dirt Buster opens for business. We did, however, use these figures as a gauge to measure the validity of the calculations presented in our pro-forma financial statements.

Cash Flow Analysis Our pro forma statement of cash projects a positive cash flow starting in month one.

Military experience has provided both owners with a vast reservoir of knowledge in the management of personnel, equipment, events, and budgets. They will also pride themselves on the look of their car and will have their car hand washed at least weekly. It will detail your goals in terms of return on your investment, how large a staff are you planning to hire, what your pricing and expenses will look like, and what estimated revenue can be expected.

This area has a number of benefits in terms of the market that it will provide for the business. Our plan is to ensure that each employee receives the training necessary to be proficient in their assigned tasks.Car Wash Tips car wash business plan, car wash business plans, Car Wash Startup, carwash business ← Car Washes and Rain.

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May 14,  · How to Open a Car Wash Business. Opening a car wash business can be a fun, interesting, and profitable business for somebody with business smarts and perseverance. With the right location, good marketing, and top-notch service, you can 88%(24).

Car Wash Business Plan. Start up your own car wash business with this comprehensive business plan. Published. 5 months ago. on. May 1, Among other establishments that offer coffee drinks to their customers are most of Eugene’s limited- and full-service restaurants.

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Car Wash Business Plan

wash or encourage pre-paid packages so that your car wash captures the revenue up front from pre-paid debit cards. • Account Pricing – Account pricing usually entails a guaranteed number of washes per month in. Free Car Wash Sample Business Plans Take a look at these sample business plans for car wash and self-service car wash businesses.

Then use what you learned to write a business plan for your own cash wash. _____ has been in the car wash business for over twenty-five years, is a National distributor, and is well known as an industry leader.

_____ supplies a full line of parts, service and chemicals and will offer back-up support during all phases of the building, start-up and operation of there will be an on-going marketing plan promoting the.

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Full service car wash business plan
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