Do you agree that in modern

The root cause of globalization is modern technology which turns world into a global village. By taking all above mentioned arguments, this conclusion could be drawn modern technology has improved quality of cultures and also it has reduced distance between of cultures, however it has never established a unit culture.

Organization of international sports events also leads to globalization as international sports teams are invited by the host country which enables people to exchange their culture. After the game was finished, Mr.

Do you agree or disagree? modern technology is creating a single world culture

Oakhurst drew the youthful speculator behind the door and thus addressed him: Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. The availability of electronic gadgets is also a major reason behind this as internet and telephones enables people to interact with people living in overseas.

Do you agree that the conservatives have no reality of the modern world?

Everyone in regard to his private viewpoint can maintain a specific direction toward this issue, however I am willing to disagree with it, because technology has become world to a place for living better, but it has not disrupted the cultures.

And i agree with the statement.

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There are many reasons behind existence of single world culture. Development in technology makes various things possible where those were thought impossible once.

Yet, the contradictions in this character are noticed when Tom Simson and Piney Woods join the outcasts, and we are told that although Oakhurst took forty dollars from Simson, he returned it to the youth and told him not to play cards again, thus introducing a much more sympathetic picture of this hardened gambler: Modern technology like internet has provided an opportunity for us to look for understanding more about our culture in the past.

In a nutshell,modern technology is creating new single world culture where tradition and distance are no longer of that importance. Substantial advancement in the field of business and education especially in development countries allure people to go there for study and business as a result,single world culture is introduced.

Well, I am sure that modern Western movies find their origins from lots of different sources, and not exclusively from this story, but there is definitely something in the way that this tale manages to capture some of the essential themes and characteristics to give us a real flavour reminiscent of modern Westerns.

Even more technology can make people curious to travel more.

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The second reason why I refute this idea, lies in the fact that existence of communication tools have caused young generation to connect to other young people in the further distances and share their cultures with each others; hence some worthwhile parts of cultures of every country will be entered to other countries.

To commence with,development in transportation is one of the most important cause of creating single world culture as it enables us to commute any where in small passage of time,growing trade is one of the example of advancement of transportation and globalization on account of growing import-export,we are using different things from different countries and exchange various goods and products.

Do you agree or disagree?Do you agree with the modernisation theorists’ assumption that development involves a process of modernisation?

Modernisation theory is an understanding and explanation of the process of transformation from the traditional or so called “underdeveloped” societies to modern societies.

Essay topics: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Modern technology is creating a single world specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. Modern technology is creating a single world specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

May 18,  · There is a very artical from a 50's magazine about how to be a good wife. In case you have not seen it here it is: I do believe that Bret Harte's stories, not only Outcasts of Poker Flats but also The Luck of Roaring Camp, typify the story line that often appears in modern Western stories.

Dec 05,  · I think the type of monarch you're talking about is the sort that existed in the United Kingdom, Spain etc before they became constitutional monarchies.

I'd agree that this sort of ruler is bad, and that simply handing over power to the next in line merely leads to your whole family scheming to have you Resolved. Essay topics: Do you agree or disagree?

modern technology is creating a single world culture Submitted by peerless alex on Sun, 11/13/ - The question is whether modern technology is creating a single world culture or not.

Do you agree that in modern
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