Chpt 1 sample

As I walked into my adjoining bathroom, I stripped off my gym clothes and threw them into the laundry basket. Gary had understood my need for independence and my wish to control my own affairs.

I could still feel his lips on my face. After my parents died when I was ten, Gary had become my legal guardian. It also made me keep Chpt 1 sample at a distance. The house also had a gym with an indoor heated pool. Initially, the coroner had ruled it an animal attack but later it had been changed to unknown.

The movers had sorted through all the other boxes. The only things that stood out in my bedroom were the four boxes at the foot of my bed. My father had stood in the doorway. As I stepped into my room, I felt calmness settle over me. He glared at me because of the reference to his age.

Alpha - Forever #1 (Sample of Published Book)

Inside these boxes were memories of my parents. I let myself wallow in the memories of my parents and their deaths for a few more minutes. He was family—the only family I had. Instead of some cocky reply, he glared at me and I grinned. I swallowed hard, trying to keep memories of my grief at bay.

His eyes narrowed as he planned his next line of attack and I watched him carefully as I anticipated his next move.

I closed my eyes and savored the feel of the water running down my body. The thickness in my throat grew. I followed him, wanting to do anything but unpack boxes. Although I was now considered an adult and able to make my own decisions, Gary had remained an important part of my life.

And now, seven years later, their murder was still unsolved. Then I took a deep breath and released it as I opened the first box. God, I missed her. For a few moments I watched him carefully, studying his eyes, which flickered to his right, betraying his next move.Read Chapter 1 - Part 1 from the story Alpha - Forever #1 (Sample of Published Book) by ReganUre (Regan Ure) with 2, reads.

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Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Chapter_1_Sample - Jones & Bartlett Learning. CHAPTER 1 PRACTICE QUESTIONS study guide by ebiebruno includes 30 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more.

Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. Sample Chapter 1 and 3 Outlines CHAPTER 1 In this section, you will introduce your readers to the issue you are exploring. Be sure to make your first sentence a .

Chpt 1 sample
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