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However, vertigo is a common symptom of acrophobia when viewing the ground from a height of any kind. Fear of Heights Many individuals suffer from a phobia or a natural fear of something or a current situation that they may have been in or are in currently.

Acrophobia was traditionally attributed to habituation or a past traumatic occurrence involving heights. Causes of Acrophobia Like all phobias, researchers have theorized acrophobia to be the result of traumatic experiences.

Depending on the situation, stimulus and individual reaction, one might experience muscle tension, headaches, panic attacks, palpitations or dizziness. Instead, they need help to acknowledge their behaviour as being inappropriate and then learn how to act in a more logical manner.

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Why Is Acrophobia Treatment Necessary? Others believe that it could be triggered by simply witnessing something frightening related to heights โ€” for example, on television โ€” at a young age. In other instances, acrophobia has been linked to fear of loud noises, fear of the poor structural integrity of buildings and instinct rooted in poor balance.

The acrophobiac may begin to sweat, shake, experience severe heart palpitations and even scream or yell out. The most popular and by far most successful means of treating the fear of heights is the use of virtual reality technology.

Still others believe it may be a primal protective response. No matter the cause, one thing is clear: They instinctively begin to look for something to hold on to and lower their body position.

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Acrophobics feel an overpowering sense of panic when at a height. How many times will you turn around rather than cross a bridge? While most people usually undergo a certain level of uneasiness and coherent fear of falling when positioned in high places, individuals with acrophobia display extreme anxiety responses such as briefness of breath, sweating, irregular heart rate, a feeling of hot flush, trembling and general feelings of terror.

An acrophobic relies primarily on visual indications either as a result of insufficient vestibular activity or erroneous strategy. The treatment of Acrophobia needs lots of patience, dedication and commitment.

Another possible causative factor for acrophobia is inability to maintain balance. Acrophobia can be of great risk to sufferers because anxiety reactions could result into panic attacks such that they could be unable to bring themselves down in one piece.

What is the treatment? Advancements in medical research and technology have resulted in various methods to help acrophobiac to overcome their fear of height.

The most common symptoms of acrophobia are anxiety, panic and fear. Self-control is considered as the critical issue.

Fear of Heights

This means that acrophobia developed as a safety mechanism for Homo sapiens. One of a specific group of phobias classified by space and motion discomfort, this fear has many root causes and can be severe in its intensity.

Agoraphobia refers to the extensive fear of being outside, especially in open spaces.Acrophobia, the fear of heights, is not the same thing as vertigo and it's not as specific as a fear of flying or a fear of snakes or spiders. Learn more. Acrophobia is an intense fear of heights, one that grips its victims with both severe physical symptoms and powerful psychological symptoms.

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Unlike specific phobias like pteromerhanophobia (fear of flying), acrophobia is a nonspecific fear of heights.

It is an abnormal condition of persistent fear of heights. Although everyone experiences acrophobia in some form or the other In Acrophobia, the fear of height is very excessive and unrealistic, so are the symptoms too.

The most common symptoms of acrophobia are anxiety, panic and fear. Sometimes drugs can help individuals in calming. Acrophobia Essay Example Acrophobia Free Essay Example Acphobia is defined as the irrational, unrelenting fear of an activity, situation or object that causes an individual to want to keep away from it.

Essay Informal Learning. Informal Learning The fear of heights or acrophobia seems to be a normal fear for those afflicted with it.

It would seem that this fear is a basic way to protect ourselves from falls that could do serious harm. Essay Help; College Essay Help; Premium Essay Writing Help One of the most common phobias is having a fear of heights, also called Acrophobia. Acrophobia is often mislabeled as vertigo.

all the while of teaching that individual relaxation tips that will help them remain in a calm state and be able to help themselves to overcome the fear.

Acrophobia fear of heights essay help
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