A proposal report for new product

If you want the system to access several different data sources, SAP recommends that you process in the background. When you generate the product proposal in the background, the volume of data can be very large because the product proposal is stored at both customer and sales area level.

If you use online processing, the product proposal procedure is determined according to the customer and document determination procedures. To define a product proposal for sales document processing, you must carry out the following activities in Customizing: If you do not specify an item proposal in the function module, the system determines it from the relevant customer master record.

The procedure can be determined both online and in the background together. Check and compare for example, for listed goods Indicator D: Note that if you use both types of determination, the data should be cumulated in the same period type for both.

This also applies if you want different calculation operations to take place in individual columns for example, totalling. The system then accesses the data sources either online or in the background. You can define a maximum of twelve columns in the sales document.

Material Week 03 Week 02 Mat 1 5 7 Mat 2 2 Mat 3 4 The output format of the column headings date, weekday, calendar week, or month Note: For instance, if the system has accessed the order history, it determines how many columns should be displayed in the sales document, in which period intervals thehistoric order quantities should be displayed for instance, day, week, or monthand most importantly, the sequence in which the system should access the data sources for example, order history, listing, exclusion.

Document determination procedure The document procedure determines which product proposal procedure the system automatically uses for a certain document type.

Ensure that the column heading matches the period type you have chosen. If you then choose indicator D, the end quantity determined at this point is transferred to the specified function module, where the system then runs the operations stored there.

Listed materials The system checks whether a valid listing exists for the customer. Mix result externally This indicator is designed for when you want to use operations or calculation rules to determine the end result but indicators A, B, and C do not meet your requirements. Create a variant for the selection criteria.

If you want individual columns to have different headings, you must program this specifically in the function module that the system accesses. The product proposal procedure is determined according to the customer determination procedure and the sales area from the customer master record.


You have to save the operations for mixing the result in A proposal report for new product function module itself. The system can determine the same material from different data sources for the product proposal.

If you do not activate a period type, each column in the sales document contains the quantity from one order. Name of the function module that evaluates the data source here you can store your own function modules The following function modules are defined in the standard system: This reduces the system load as much as possible while processing sales documents online.

The final result is then used as the product proposal. For example, the system can determine materials from the order history in the background but access all the other data sources while online.

If so, it copies all the listed materials to the product proposal. This means that if you use the order history as a data source, how many order quantity columns there should be in the sales document.

It is specified in the customer master record per sales area. In order to do this, the system needs the following information: To form the end result of the product proposal, you can carry out one of the following operations: Define customer procedure for product proposal Define document procedure for product proposal Assign document procedure for product proposal to order types Maintain table of origin for product proposal Define product proposal procedure and determine access sequences Maintain procedure determination in background for product proposal Maintain procedure determination online for product proposal The product proposal procedure determines how the system displays the product proposal in the sales document.

You determine the sequence in which the system accesses the data sources in the access sequence for the product proposal procedure. You determine that the materials in the product proposal come from the order history and the material listing.

If you use background processing, the product proposal procedure is determined according to the sales area in the customer master and the customer determination procedure. You cannot use fields that can only be determined once you process the sales document for example, sales office, sales group, division, item category, or plant.

The product proposal procedure depends on the: Freely-definable parameters function module attributes for controlling the function module: When using the condition technique to generate product proposals in background processing for example, in material listings or exclusiononly use fields that are known to the system at the time of generation.

The report creates, in accordance with the selection criteria, the product proposal procedure. You can use a parameter in the access sequence to transfer a certain item proposal to the function module that determines the product proposal.

This guarantees that the product proposal only contains materials that the customer is allowed to buy.Before an article, report, or brief is accepted into the Undergraduate Engineering Review, the author must first submit a proposal that specifies the importance of the research, the scope and limitations of the research, and the methods for the research.

New Product/Project Proposal What: A template from the Quality Rapid Product Development (QRPD) methodology for creating a brief description of a new project or product idea, typically used as input to a project portfolio planning process.

Business Proposal ECO 03/10/ University of Phoenix Business Proposal In the beginning, we will give an example about tobacco and how the price elasticity effect on the demand of this product. Tobacco is a plant that found in North and South America and then it moved to Europe.

Item proposal The system determines all the materials from the item proposal and copies them to the product proposal. You can use a parameter in the access sequence to transfer a certain item proposal to the function module that determines the.

Product Proposal Design Organization: Robust Decisions Date: June Proposed Product Name: COMFORT BICYCLE PRODUCT LINE Summary It is proposed that Bowflex produce and market a line of comfort bicycles.

• A new breed of bike is the “Comfort bike” o Comfort - is still not clearly defined, but. Report abuse. Transcript of New Product Development Proposal.

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A proposal report for new product
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