A new framework for counterterrorism essay

In using soft tactics, there is a need to include the entire public intelligently through appeal in engaging them to counter terrorism. The Problem of Dirty Hands. Homeland security department should ensure that their actions are based only on evidence of terrorism crime.

This is, of course, consistent with claiming, as does the U. At the heart of this development lie issues of funding, structure and methodology, of which we are concerned with the last of the three.

Cross Border agencies Since the September bombing, the vulnerability of the U. The governments need to collaborate and work together in fighting the threat. On the model of terrorism-as-crime in the context of the well-ordered liberal democratic state, whereas terrorist acts should be treated as ordinary albeit very serious crimes, nonetheless, terrorist acts have additional destabilizing features that might reasonably call for a somewhat different mix of law enforcement tactics and strategies than those deployed against ordinary crime.

It would not require heavy military hardware, but would use a range of tools from intelligence gathering in a military setting to light infantry troop transports like helicoptors in order to rapidly reach areas where counterterrorism military units are required.

An important feature of counterterrorism strategies pertains to the context in which the terrorist activities are taking place. The Counterterrorism Unit should present yearly reports on how they are working towards ensuring safety of the citizens. The use of drones by the United States in Afghanistan and the tribal areas of Afghanistan raises this issue in an acute form.

This branch will either be rolled into the U. The key changes in the Homeland Security Department have been through the Intelligence community in the country, concentrating on the use, sharing as well as the coordination of intelligence systems to offer security and prevent terrorism in the country.

This presumably calls for military involvement, assuming the state is a morally legitimate one and its terrorist protagonists are illegitimate in relation to their political purposes.

On the other hand, the border between Mexico and the U.

This would help ensure that security measures are tightened to avoid putting the world at danger. In borrowing such a strategy to the intelligence community, there needs to be coordination, collaboration among the various states, structures of control and legitimacy.

Occasional travelers should be allowed to come and go without a lot of trouble so long as their name is not flagged, their credentials are in order and they are not involved in criminal behavior including terrorism-related issues.

However, there are strategies used to combat terrorism, such as de-radicalization, which are neither legislative measures nor measures used by security agencies.

Over time, hard tactics as witnessed in the Bush administration have proved unsuccessful; it is time the department applied soft tactics.Excerpt from Essay: Counterterrorism and Intelligence Framework Terrorism has been the greatest threat to American soil since the end of the Cold War, and the country has responded to these threats by creating an elaborate counterterrorism and intelligence framework.

Download file to see previous pages uct a counterterrorism and Intelligence Framework that will create the most “robust” intelligence system and strategically efficient counterterrorism operations, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Central Intelligence Agency, and the Defense Intelligence Agency must co-work to help combat terrorism.

As much as this may not seem an easy task, it may. As noted by Carera (), the theme of intelligence reform is still fresh in the United States, and with the creation of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), we can appreciate how deep the concerns over intelligence failure in recent years have been.

Custom Counterterrorism and Intelligence Framework Essay Terrorism remains a great threat to the United States homeland security department.

Since theSeptember 11 bombing, the United State has engaged in relentless efforts to counter terrorism (DeYoung, ). A New Framework for Counterterrorism Essay - Introduction The United States has been combatting a threat that is trying to change our way of life.

This threat is known as terrorism and is a problem for the U.S.

and its territories. Buy Framework for Counterterrorism essay paper online The U.S. department of homeland security has remained committed to ensure they counter terrorism attacks all over the world.

They are able to do this by using federal, international, local, and state partners.

A new framework for counterterrorism essay
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